Monday, June 1, 2009

Computer Risks & Internet Security Alerts

I will just make you all think when your computer takes risk? When you connect your computer to a network and when it begins to communicate with an other network you will realize that your computer is taking certain risks. Just keep on thinking how to stop your computer from taking such risks. I am sure that you will find a basic solution regarding security i.e what precautionary measures would involve in protecting your computer which would include choosing a password (casesentive & Alphanumeric) , change of file permission access and taking regular back-up of the data/information stored in your computer.

So now you know when and where your computer needs security? security is considered one of the important peripherals for normal business, but you have to know how important is that a business user feel's when he uses IT Systems.

Security has become a high priority in IT agenda and always would be. Did you know why its so? Because of cyber criminals very well know how to make a successful and a profitable attack.

So now I guess you would have understood what's internet security.

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