Thursday, July 9, 2009

Virus Protection Softwares Role in Computer Security

To ensure computer protection antivirus software is very important. Nowadays millions of people around the globe use PC’s and Laptops, which are either connected via wireless network or cable network. But do you think that all the computer users are aware about the prevailing serious internet security threats? No! Hence many people don’t realize that they need good computer security software when a computer is connected to Internet. Because when a computer is connected to a network the malicious software or files which are downloaded into your pc might affect the functionality of your computer. So we have to secure our PC from such kind infected files and malicious software. So we need antivirus software which detects and fights against the viruses, worms, Trojans, malware which needs to disinfected and quarantined. For happy computing hours and to have a virus protected system Install antivirus software.

Antivirus software has a internal database where few virus definitions are stored it scans your PC to find out such virus definitions to quarantine. But nowadays new viruses are released to affect your system so we use sandboxing its belongs to generic scanning method where the scan starts running on the server in large networks to find out the suspicious code which affects the system. Nowadays all types of scanning are improved and scanning is done in personal computer instead of servers, large networks etc. Now the Desktop security software providers have made easy to scan and quarantine the malwares using Antivirus software when installed in PC.

When your PC is installed with antivirus software you can feel free saying that your system is out of trouble and u can feel the real happy hour’s of safe computing.

For happy computing-safe guard your PC with internet security software.

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