Thursday, October 22, 2009


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1.Is your PC is Safe?Is your system protected with an antivirus software?(yes/no)

If no just think why and learn about antivirus.

2.check whether you know the concept how antivirus works?(yes/no)

If no please take some measures to learn how antivirus works.

3.Have u felt why we need antivirus software?(yes/no)

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Thursday, October 8, 2009

Antivirus Software should have following features

Today’s feature will be tomorrow’s product.
Hey you all may think why you need all such features? once you experience a virus attack in your computer you all will come how important and necessary is a antivirus software for your computer. It always better to have a virus protection software when your computer is connected to internet.


File Protection
Personal Information Protection
Registry Protection
Port Monitoring
Network Traffic Monitoring
Data Filtering


On-access Scanning
Real-time Scanning
On-demand Scanning
Scheduled Scanning
Heuristic Scanning
Manual Scanning
Scan Compressed Files
Auto-clean Infected Files
Quarantines Infected Files
P2P File Sharing Protection
Detailed Virus Information
Outbreak Notice


Descriptions of Found Spyware
Real-time Blocking and Protection
Detects Adware
Detects Spyware
Detects Key loggers
Detects Trojans
Browser Hijackers/BHO's


Ant spam
Privacy/Parental Control
Scans Emails
Website Filters

Some extra Features:

Website History Log
Password Protection
Automatic Program Updates
Local Data Backup
Reports and Logs

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