Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Worry free computing

Think so u all can understand what’s worry free computing is, any how my intention is to tell you all about happy computing. Happy computing may also be called as worry free computing up to my knowledge gained on internet security.
Working with your personal computer without any interruption makes you feel happy while computing. But u have to make sure that your not facing any problem which may affect your happy hours of computing.
My general opinion is when you work with your pc initially you will be happy. When your pc is exposed to virus you will experience a tuff time on happy computing hours it will be really difficult to use your pc when your pushed to such situation .just remember few words what doctors say prevention is better than cure so think before you use your computer what should be done to have happy hours of computing before you connect your pc to a network. So at this stage you will realize that you need ainternet security softwarewhich secure your pc from virus, Trojans and malware which will affect your happy hours of computing. So need of an antivirus software is essential for happy and worry free computing.
Think so u all will agree for my concept. If you really feel that you have happy hours of computing without an antivirus software Please feel free to comment on my words.

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