Tuesday, May 25, 2010

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Blogger Buzz: Blogger integrates with Amazon Associates

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Thursday, October 22, 2009


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1.Is your PC is Safe?Is your system protected with an antivirus software?(yes/no)

If no just think why and learn about antivirus.

2.check whether you know the concept how antivirus works?(yes/no)

If no please take some measures to learn how antivirus works.

3.Have u felt why we need antivirus software?(yes/no)

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Happy computing

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Thursday, October 8, 2009

Antivirus Software should have following features

Today’s feature will be tomorrow’s product.
Hey you all may think why you need all such features? once you experience a virus attack in your computer you all will come how important and necessary is a antivirus software for your computer. It always better to have a virus protection software when your computer is connected to internet.


File Protection
Personal Information Protection
Registry Protection
Port Monitoring
Network Traffic Monitoring
Data Filtering


On-access Scanning
Real-time Scanning
On-demand Scanning
Scheduled Scanning
Heuristic Scanning
Manual Scanning
Scan Compressed Files
Auto-clean Infected Files
Quarantines Infected Files
P2P File Sharing Protection
Detailed Virus Information
Outbreak Notice


Descriptions of Found Spyware
Real-time Blocking and Protection
Detects Adware
Detects Spyware
Detects Key loggers
Detects Trojans
Browser Hijackers/BHO's


Ant spam
Privacy/Parental Control
Scans Emails
Website Filters

Some extra Features:

Website History Log
Password Protection
Automatic Program Updates
Local Data Backup
Reports and Logs

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Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Is your PC safe and secure?

Nowadays Pc has become integral and unavoidable part of our day today life. We are spending more time on internet to communicate with people (via emails, chat) and we use internet for many others purposes like learning to find what’s new happening in the globe. Internet plays a major role in the globe of pc users. First of all we should know about virus, spyware, malware and Trojans when we talk about PC safety.virus, malware, spyware and Trojans are different formats of malicious codes which will affect your pc in different ways.
When your pc is connected to a network without antivirus software you will face the following consequences. The spyware malware and Trojans will automatically get into your pc in different formats and it get installed in your pc without users knowledge, and it starts working on its own and gives a tuff time for the user to work on Pc.
Now u people decide whether your PC is safe without antivirus software
When your pc is connected for a long time in network without antivirus software some virus may get into your pc.
Is your operating system secure.
While Sharing files is your data safe.
Is your Password and security codes are safe.
Will u have a safe and secure online banking and online purchase?
Do u think your system is safe and secure now?
No if u have ainternet security software installed in your pc with all the specific features which will ensure you with all security threats then only your pc is safe and secure if not it’s in danger.

Worry free computing

Think so u all can understand what’s worry free computing is, any how my intention is to tell you all about happy computing. Happy computing may also be called as worry free computing up to my knowledge gained on internet security.
Working with your personal computer without any interruption makes you feel happy while computing. But u have to make sure that your not facing any problem which may affect your happy hours of computing.
My general opinion is when you work with your pc initially you will be happy. When your pc is exposed to virus you will experience a tuff time on happy computing hours it will be really difficult to use your pc when your pushed to such situation .just remember few words what doctors say prevention is better than cure so think before you use your computer what should be done to have happy hours of computing before you connect your pc to a network. So at this stage you will realize that you need ainternet security softwarewhich secure your pc from virus, Trojans and malware which will affect your happy hours of computing. So need of an antivirus software is essential for happy and worry free computing.
Think so u all will agree for my concept. If you really feel that you have happy hours of computing without an antivirus software Please feel free to comment on my words.

Friday, July 17, 2009

How Antivirus Works?

Nowadays many of us started using computer. So i think u all know about computer virus. The war of computer viruses had become hot and heavy in this universe. The antivirus provider's had to suffer with hell amount of pressure to keep us safe and protected. There are two main types of scanning specific and generic. The Antivirus in your PC scans the e-mails and downloaded files. But just think for what it is searching for? Maybe malware, worms or Trojans.

First thing you should make sure whether we are defended by these worms, virus definitions, signatures and updates that your antivirus software is always downloading. Antivirus software provides the identifiable characteristic or finger prints for all malicious programs and this leads to specific scanning and the antivirus programs takes all the updates and stores it in the internal database. The antivirus software checks and matches the new files which are introduced in your PC via mails.

The computer users should realize that virus definitions can easily identify the know viruses. But just think of the new malicious software, malware, Trojans coming out daily to affect your PC.Nowadays N numbers of malicious programs are released by the spammers. So at this situation there is no possibility to detect the dangerous line of code which is going to affect our PC so we intend to go for generic scanning method. This type of scanning is used in larger networks and the scanning is done in the server. Antivirus providers use generic scanning to construct new virus and generic scanning method will be used by the single user in near future.

K7 Antivirus Software

Heuristic just checks for the virus definition and find out the suspicious code. Sandboxing checks the antivirus program and detects the suspicious code and runs it in the virtual machine and checks the working flow of the suspicious code. Heuristic and sandboxing belongs to generic scanning method.
Well this is the quick review of how antivirus works. So please protect your PC with Antivirus software
Guard your PC and stay cool with internet security software.

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Virus Protection Software's Role in Computer Security

To ensure computer protection antivirus software is very important. Nowadays millions of people around the globe use PC’s and Laptops, which are either connected via wireless network or cable network. But do you think that all the computer users are aware about the prevailing serious internet security threats? No! Hence many people don’t realize that they need good computer security software when a computer is connected to Internet. Because when a computer is connected to a network the malicious software or files which are downloaded into your pc might affect the functionality of your computer. So we have to secure our PC from such kind infected files and malicious software. So we need antivirus software which detects and fights against the viruses, worms, Trojans, malware which needs to disinfected and quarantined. For happy computing hours and to have a virus protected system Install antivirus software.

Antivirus software has a internal database where few virus definitions are stored it scans your PC to find out such virus definitions to quarantine. But nowadays new viruses are released to affect your system so we use sandboxing its belongs to generic scanning method where the scan starts running on the server in large networks to find out the suspicious code which affects the system. Nowadays all types of scanning are improved and scanning is done in personal computer instead of servers, large networks etc. Now the Desktop security software providers have made easy to scan and quarantine the malwares using Antivirus software when installed in PC.

When your PC is installed with antivirus software you can feel free saying that your system is out of trouble and u can feel the real happy hour’s of safe computing.

For happy computing-safe guard your PC with internet security software.